Small Press Spotlight is all about Source Point Press this week. The publisher has recently dropped a list of exciting titles, including a few number ones for those looking for a new series to try. The company’s wheelhouse has always been horror, sci-fi, pulp, and similar genres, and the following titles line up just right with what they do best. Keep reading for more!


Source Point PressWritten by Frank Gogol, the series features art by Nenad Cvitcanin, and a cover by Criss Madd. Read the official synopsis below:

Seven years after the deadly events of September 11th, three teens struggle with the long-term fallout of that tragic day. But these former friends are brought back together when they find themselves in the crosshairs of a local drug dealer who’s out for blood. Can they put their personal traumas aside long enough to work together and survive? No Heroine’s Frank Gogol re-teams with Nenad Cviticanin for an all-new entry in the Dead End Kids saga.


Source Point PressFor fantasy lovers, check out The Eighth Immortal by writer Jake Murray, artist Alice Li Barnes, and cover artist Tiffany Turrill.

Curipan has spent her immortality protecting humanity from the threat of an ancient
prophecy. But time and a secret trauma have worn her down, forcing her to choose between her duty and her sanity. The Eighth Immortal is a scandalous fantasy that asks the question, should anything last forever?


Source Point PressWhat’s a Warcorn you ask? It’s the combat unicorn you didn’t know you needed. Words are by Garrett Gunn and art is by Kit Wallis. Check out the synopsis here:

It’s back to basics as Big Sarge, Gunney, and Floater enlist in Warcorns Division and try to survive basic training! This all-new adventure is a prequel to the critically acclaimed Warcorns one-shot.


Dead End Kids writer Frank Gogol helms another title for Source Point Press and Criss Madd takes on interiors for this one. Ahmed Raafat provides the cover.

Clawing her way to her 90th day sober, Kayla sets out to find her missing friend – the one person she knows can keep her on the straight-and-narrow. The only problem? The gang of heroine-dealing vampires that have him… and that’s just the start. From the writer of Dead End Kids comes a story of a young woman’s recovery journey and one hard truth: not everyone is cut out to be a hero.