Fortuna’s life is getting increasingly complicated. The young witch, whose “friends” cruelly mock her for not being good at magic and for wanting to find romance, attempts what she believes is a love spell from a book offered by the more talented Astrid. But the book Astrid gives Fortuna isn’t for love spells, and Fortuna’s translations aren’t great — so instead of falling into true love, she calls a Death Summon into being. Until their contract is fulfilled, the Summon will stick around — so Fortuna is stuck with them. That’s where Jawsum‘s Witchcraft begins.

Updated every Wednesday and Friday, Witchcraft follows Fortuna as she attempts to rid herself of the Death Summon she names Mara, first by reaching out to her friends and then by going online and posting to a forum. In the forum, she meets Taylor, who quickly wins Fortuna’s heart — but Taylor isn’t quite what Fortuna expects, and she’s hiding more secrets than Fortuna knows.

In the comic description, Jawsum writes, “Be careful what you witch for.” It’s a clever pun, but also an accurate peek at Fortuna’s unique and increasingly complicated situation. The story is illustrated primarily in black and white, with full color pieces at integral points — such as Fortuna’s first time meeting Taylor. Each update maintains the tonality and beauty of the story overall, and the characters’ voices absolutely shine. Mara, in particular, is a delight, and I would love to read a dozen more comics focused on them and their relationship with Fortuna.

According to Jawsum’s Twitter, the comic is in its second to last chapter, which means it’s nearly complete (sob). If you want to read it now and anticipate each update, you can follow Witchcraft on Tapas. For more from the creator, including art not featured in the comic as well as other projects, follow Jawsum on Twitter @jawsum_art, and support Jawsum’s art via Patreon.


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