Wrestling and comics have a long pedigree, dating back to the WWF Battlemania comics published by Valiant back in 1991. Marvel Comics got into the game with 1992’s World Championship Wrestling, which hit rock bottom when Lex Luger left the company while being a major part of the comic. Boom has peace of mind currently holding the WWE license. DC Comics however, has never gotten into the wrestling game, that is until now. With Cody Rhodes breaking from the WWE to form his own promotion, All Elite Wrestling, DC Comics looks to land a midnight special with a new partnership.

The collaboration was announced via Twitter by AEW on Wednesday afternoon, with a stunning piece of artwork by Howard Porter and Hi-Fi. The art depicts a stylized version of current AEW Champion Chris Jericho.

Four hours later they showed another piece by Porter and Hi-Fi, this one of recent WWE transplant, Jon Moxley (the former Dean Ambrose). Outside of Rhodes himself, Jericho and Moxley are definitely the two biggest draws the fledgling promotion has, so it makes sense that they’d be the first two pieces of art released for this new endeavor as well.


While there are no further details about what’s to come from DC Comics yet, both DC and All Elite Wrestling are going to be at New York Comic Con next week, so it shouldn’t stun anyone if more information comes out then. Also next week, you can catch the first episode of AEW’s weekly show, AEW Dynamite on TNT. Dynamite will air on Wednesdays, with monthly pay-per-view events that are the staple of wrestling.

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