A staple in the world of horror is the slasher flick. A group of hormonal teens ends up in the wrong place at the absolute wrong time, getting themselves trapped in a situation where most of them certainly won’t survive. Witch Creek Road is every teen horror gore fest in one comic series, and it’s loads of angsty, bloody fun.

Written by Garth Matthams, the episodes are illustrated by artist Kenan Halilovic, colored by Amb3r, and edited by Dayna Broder. While most panels are filled with demons and monsters tormenting the band of friends trapped in the dark woods, there are also sections where we actually learn a little bit about our doomed protagonists. Concepts of love and acceptance exist alongside revenge and eating faces. Some characters are irredeemably terrible humans, but others are trying not to be jerks even though their besties are.

The demons are pretty, which makes them even more dangerous. They look just as cute and trendy as the teens they eviscerate, and some like to play with their food, giving them a false sense of hope that they may get out alive. When they do rend flesh, these demon gals are no joke and leave behind a forest littered with body parts.

If you are looking for a comic to read this Halloween that is more Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Evil Dead than cerebral scary tales such as The Babadook, Witch Creek Road delivers. The episodes move quickly and the blood runs freely.

Head over to Webtoons to begin reading and check back every Saturday for new installments.

Witch Creek Road

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