Omens, prophecies, dystopian society, young recruits ready to fight for good… everything you’d expect from a fantasy series is packed into The Last God of Spring. The new series on Webtoons is only three episodes in, but the excitement and intrigue are already there. 

Created by writer Kotopopi and artist Milena Ciccarello (with editor Aria Villafranca), the series immediately sets up a world where class divide and war are prevalent as are zealots and a shady ruling class. Our main character Greta loves to hear the legend of the God of Spring, and her life’s goal is to become a Guardian when the king returns. But it is soon clear the mission isn’t what Greta seems to think it is. 

Read the synopsis below:

In a dystopian world torn by apocalypse and class divide, where people live underground, Greta’s life mission is to become a Guardian… a powerful soldier in charge of protecting the ‘God of Spring’, the legendary king. Alongside her fellow soldier Elias, they’ll embark on a quest to repel the attacks of the monstrous Outsiders and fulfill the king’s prophecy: reclaim their land on the Earth’s surface. But perhaps their mission isn’t all that it seems…

The Last God of Spring updates every Sunday. Begin reading here!

Last God of SpringLast God of Spring