Writer/artist Jonathan Luna and co-writer Crystal Wood are teaming for a new Asian-inspired fantasy series from Image Comics. Quest is an ongoing series that will follow a new bride on her mission to rescue her husband from supernatural forces. The series will debut in August.

Here’s how Image describes Quest:

In a land inspired by Southeast Asia, Princess Anya’s new husband Prince Devyan is violently abducted by three giant demons at their wedding. Anya sets out on an epic journey with a growing band of loyal warriors, crossing deadly landscapes and battling horrifying demons. What will she sacrifice to save the man she loves?

Quest is the latest Image Comics series from writer/artist Jonathan Luna, whose previous work from the publisher include Alex + Ada (with co-writer Sarah Vaughn), Eternal Empire (with co-writer Vaughn), and 20XX (with co-writer Lauren Keely). It’s the first collaboration between Luna and co-writer Crystal Wood, and Wood’s first comics work for a major American publisher.

In a statement announcing the series, Luna and Wood described some of their influences on the book, and expressed enthusiasm at collaborating on the series:

“One of my childhood movies is Clash of the Titans (1981), and for such a long time, I’ve wanted to create a story that was inspired by it. I don’t want to ruin how exactly, but, in Quest, Anya goes on an arduous journey into a deadly land of demons to save Devyan,” said Luna. “And making this fantasy world inspired by the mythologies, landscapes, and architectures of Southeast Asia is what solidified my moving forward with this concept. It was the final main ingredient to the recipe that’s been marinating in my brain for decades. I’m super happy to have found Crystal to create this horror-filled, yet beautifully romantic epic with. I hope that Quest will be a series that readers will enjoy and love!”

Wood added: “My favorite thing about Quest is how deliciously horrifying and twisted the creatures in the story are. It’s the kind of comic I always dreamed of creating as a kid. But the immersive imagery, the fast paced energy, and badass monsters are just perks. The love for these characters is what will pull readers into the Demon Lands with us. The heart of it has always been about perseverance and true love. When I got onboard, I had no idea how epic this story would become, and Jonathan’s artwork and storytelling take it to another level. Quest speaks to the struggle between what’s logical and what feels right in your heart. This project is something truly unique and that’s exceedingly rare these days. I can’t wait to show everyone how it ends.”

Check out a preview of Luna’s interior art from the first issue below. Quest #1 is due out in stores and digitally on Wednesday, August 2nd.