Netflix’s animated adaptation of Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa‘s Mech Cadet Yu series, Mech Cadets, is set to arrive on the streaming platform on August 10th. What better time to bring back the series that inspired it? BOOM! Studios has announced Mech Cadets, a new series from writer Pak, artist Miyazawa, colorist Ian Herring, and letterer Simon Bowland, will debut on August 9th, a day before the animated series premieres. The new comic picks up a year after the events of the original series.

Here’s how BOOM! describes Mech Cadets:

Stanford Yu, Olivia Park, Maya Sanchez, and Frank Olivetti are back in action a year after saving the world from the threat of a Sharg invasion. But how will the Sky Corps Central Command and the cadets themselves handle the fact that Mech Cadet Olivia Park, the teenaged pilot of the Suprarobo Hero Force 2, has become the most powerful person on the planet? Meanwhile, the threat of the Sharg takes on a whole new dimension with a shocking revelation that threatens everything our heroes know about their robos and themselves!

After debuting as a four-issue miniseries and being promoted to an ongoing, the original Mech Cadet Yu series ran for twelve issues in 2017 and 2018. The animated adaptation of the series was announced in 2021, and BOOM! released a collected edition of all twelve issues, under the new, TV-friendly name of Mech Cadets, earlier this month.

In a statement announcing the new book, Pak, Miyazawa, and editor Shantel LaRocque all expressed their enthusiasm at returning to the world of the series:

“The original Mech Cadet Yu series is one of my favorite of all the things I’ve ever written, so I’m beyond thrilled to be working with Tak on the next chapter in the Mech Cadets saga,” said Pak. “Tak’s bringing all his magic to every page and every panel, with that special combination of incredible genre thrills, amazing humor, and fantastic emotional subtlety. And all of our characters are a bit older and the world has gotten a bit more complex, with some shocking twists and challenges. I’m biased, of course, but it feels vital and real and just as fun as ever, and I can’t wait for y’all to see it!”

“I’m thrilled to be able to work with Greg again on the next chapter of the Mech Cadet Yu series. I’ve missed these characters and can’t wait to dive back into the world and experience the ups and downs that Greg is so wonderful at creating,” said Miyazawa. “The first series was a big test for my skills as an artist and I’m eager to face new artistic challenges and visualize the world once again.”

“It’s an exciting time for Mech Cadets, and while many new fans will be introduced to the amazing and heart-filled world of the Mech Cadets through the animated show this Summer, we wanted to bring Greg and Takeshi’s newest chapter into the world for fans new and old!” said editor Shantel LaRocque.

Check out a preview of the series’ first issue, as well as variant covers for the issue from artists Sonny LiewJunggeun Yoon, and a black-and-white version of the main cover by Miyazawa, below. Mech Cadets #1 is set to arrive in stores and digitally on Wednesday, August 9th.