If you like your mystery mixed with a little supernatural mythology, Lady Crows might be the web series you’ve been searching for. 

Free to read on Tapas, the webcomic is from creator DragonPinata (Greta) and centers on Marissa, a young woman who has lived in a typical small town her whole life. She is trying to find her own way in the world, but an accident turns things around for her in a very different way. Not only has she seemed to have dodged death, but she is now tied to a mysterious supernatural world. 

There are a few threads woven together in the tale with Marissa at the center: murders, weird old men who are clearly more complicated than being an innocent bystander, and out-of-body experiences that show that Marissa is now connected to something much larger than her family’s small-town diner. 

As for the art, the expressive characters and neutral tones add to the intriguing atmosphere of the series. 

To begin reading Lady Crows, head here.

Lady Crows