High school is hard enough. For Ashlyn, she has embraced being a loner, vehemently avoiding any form of social interaction, but the world has other plans for her. In School Bus Graveyard on Webtoons, a trip with her classmates into a haunted house leaves them seeing monsters when the sun goes down. The only way to survive is to stick together.

Created by lilredbeany, the web series is listed under the thriller category, but it offers much more than monsters and a mystery about why the teens can see (and are hunted) by shadowy monsters in the dark. There is also humor, and each character brings their own personality to the table. It also emphasizes how important the bonds of friendship can be, a lesson Ashlyn must learn quickly to keep herself and her companions alive.

School Bus Graveyard only has four episodes up so far, making it the perfect time to catch up on the new webcomic. Begin reading here and look for new installments every Wednesday.

School Bus Graveyard