If you’ve watched any modern horror films, particularly the Saw series, the concept of people trapped in a room and forced to play a deadly game to get out alive (maybe) isn’t new. Besides good ol’ Jigsaw, there are a few maniacs who use this tactic to turn the prisoners against each other for their own twisted entertainment/reason/revenge. In Fingers, the premise is there and the delivery is just as unsettling as the horror films that clearly inspired the web series.

With a story by Ssuljak and art by Jeongsik Park, the Webtoons webcomic puts eight people in a locked room after getting smashed at a party to celebrate the success of their entertainment news app. They have until 7 am the next morning to solve the puzzle in front of them, and the madman controlling them will only give them a hint if they cut off the fingers of their fellow captives.

The terror lies in the decision. Will their captor actually let them go even if they solve the seemingly impossible puzzle? Is losing a few fingers worth your life? I mean, he/she does leave them a first aid kit, so there’s that.

As expected there are a variety of personalities trapped in this terror and as a reader, you find yourself not feeling too bad when certain ones lose fingers. Terrible, I know, but the comic does a good job of showing how some people react in the worst possible way in a crisis. Some band together and try to outsmart the maniac while others are willing to chop their buddy to bits for survival. Where do you fall?!

Fingers updates every Wednesday. Begin reading for free here.