Sometimes I like a little cute with my scary, and Unfamiliar covers both. The Tapas series is a popular choice, with adorable artwork and a sweet story about Planchette, a witch who moves to a magical town only to find out her new dream home is filled with ghosts. Unfortunately, she’s a kitchen witch and her magic works only on food, but with the help of some new friends, she may be able to exorcise her home in no time. 

Created by Haley Newsome (LavenderTowne), the story offers a heartwarming tale wrapped up in a magical supernatural world. Besides Planchette, we meet a shy siren, a cursed girl, and a pigeon witch. Together, they work together to help the ghosts find their way so Planchette can finally settle into her new home. 

Fans of the webcomic can also look forward to a print version of the series, slated to hit in the Fall. The upcoming graphic novels will include Unfamiliar as well as other popular Tapas series featuring strong female and underrepresented characters.

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