In Cryptid Club by Sarah Anderson (Sarah’s Scribbles), the enigmatic creatures who have captured our popular imaginations finally get the spotlight (although that may cause some problems… some of these guys really hate attention)!

Best of all, whether your favorite cryptid is a superstar, Mothman, or a more obscure creature like the Flatwoods Monster, Cryptid Club has you covered (although, to be fair, anyone who has read Gray Barker’s book They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers will already be plenty familiar with the latter cryptid).

Cryptid Club

Cryptid Club

Cryptid Club is a fun, silly gag strip that often takes a four-panel format. As suggested by the name, any of your favorite cryptids are fair game for subject matter fodder: the first entry features Bigfoot and Nessy in a serious conversation.

Cryptid Club

Soon, ghosts, aliens, and even lesser known entities like the Flatwoods Monster of Braxton County, West Virginia get the spotlight (check out their dress, which has a trait that’s harder to find than most cryptids: it has pockets).

Plus, the hard-to-find Jackalope even makes an appearance! 

It’s all cryptids on deck in Cryptid Club (except at the Cryptid Social Hour… these guys are seriously introverts).

Cryptid Club

Spooky Season is Here

You can also read Cryptid Club on Webtoon, if you’d prefer.

Cryptid Club

Looking for more spooky, seasonal reading from Anderson? Consider Fangs, which follows the messy supernatural romance between a vampire and a werewolf.

Have you had a chance to check out Cryptid Club (or Fangs)? What did you think? Which cryptid will you be paying homage to with your Halloween costume this year?

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