FANGS by Sarah Andersen (Sarah’s Scribbles) begins when a werewolf and a vampire meet at The Odditorium, a bar that welcomes monsters. When the werewolf overhears her saying she prefers dogs to cats, he doesn’t hesitate to move in for the kill.


As the comic continues, the odd couple pairing gets to know one another better. Although they are open with one another about their supernatural status, it still takes a little bit for them to get to know one another better.

Eventually, they begin to stumble upon each other’s boundaries: he learns not to open the curtains (because she combusts in sunlight), she learns not to wear her silver rings around him (because his skin begins to smoke when they come into contact with his skin).


However, in spite of their differences, the couple grows closer together. Sure, she might be undead and he might be a lycanthrope, but when it comes to romance, you can’t help who you fall in love with!

FANGS combines slice-of-life romance concerning a burgeoning relationship with horror tropes to provide a breezy, funny comic that is presented in atmospheric black and white. Plus, many of the entries are single- or four-panel strips that are sure to result in at least a smirk. And better yet, October 31st is the one-year anniversary of the first appearance of the comic, making it the perfect read for your socially distanced Halloween weekend.

FANGS was awarded the Fan Favorite Award for Best New Series at the 2020 Ringo Awards – hey, who doesn’t want to read about a vampire and werewolf in a flirty, sexy relationship! Plus, Tapas was awarded the 2020 Ringo Award for Favorite Publisher — look, what are you waiting for? Go read FANGS!

While a hardcover version of the comic was released by Andrews McMeel Publishing in September, you can read FANGS for free on Tapas right now.