I love a good horror anthology. Collections such as these offer quick little vignettes without much exposition, but they deliver a full tale of terror on every page. Such is the case of the webcomic anthology False Positive by Mike Walton.

With three seasons worth of creepy comics, the series delivers a variety of scares to suit your taste in horror. There is everything from subtle and creepy to grotesque and gory. There is even science fiction mixed in. The installments range in length from a handful of panels to a full 36-page tale. The last story posted in Season 3 has a whopping 77 pages.

One story that stands out is Ache, which starts off with a couple safely in their own home. It is a seemingly normal day until one gets a nasty toothache, and the horror and gross imagery escalate. This is no mere toothache, however. What is literally at the root of the pain? As you read through the tale and take in the visuals, your mouth may begin to hurt as the couple takes matters into their own hands.

While you are on the anthology’s website, don’t forget to check out Séance, where the participants get more than they bargained for when visiting a medium, as well as Fail, a disturbing story that takes something so normal to humans and puts it into a corrupted, science fiction setting.

To begin exploring the stories of False Positive, head over to the anthology’s website.

False Positive


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