The Plot #1The Plot #1

Writers: Tim Daniel & Michael Moreci
Artist: Joshua Hixson
Colors: Jordan Boyd
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Vault Comics
Price: $3.99

The Plot #1 is Vault Comics’ first title for their new Nightfall horror line hitting this fall. And judging by the first issue, the publisher made the right decision. The new comic offers an unsettling introduction into a frightening world where secrets can be quite deadly.

Chase Blaine suddenly finds himself guardian to his niece and nephew, McKenzie and Zach, after his brother and sister-in-law are brutally murdered. While the reader sees what happens to the doomed couple, no one else is aware of the supernatural circumstances surrounding their death. And judging by other moments in the book, it is all connected to the family and their ancestral home in Cape Augusta—the very place Chase chooses to raise the kids.

The ominous property overlooks a deep, creepy bog that is more than just swamp land surrounding a dark mansion. It is hiding the family’s darkest secrets, which seem to be catching up with the family in devastating ways. What those secrets are and why they are choosing to surface now has yet to be revealed.

Written by Tim Daniel (Fissure, Enormous) and Michael Moreci (Mall, Wasted Space), The Plot features art by Joshua Hixson (Shangai Red) and colors by Jordan Boyd. Rounding out the team is Jim Campbell on letters. From the first page, the entire creative team flawlessly sucks you into the disturbing world. Boyd’s colors are moody, perfectly setting the tone of the world, and the way Hixson tackles the family home, it’s as if the house itself is a character and not just a location.

Daniel and Moreci deftly capture fully developed characters while setting the stage for an unsettling tale of horror, secrets, and emotional familial turmoil. The relationships are clear and relatable, and it doesn’t take long for the book to demonstrate that this family’s history is hiding some deadly secrets that are now coming out of the bog.

If you are looking for a good scare alongside a solid story, The Plot #1 has you covered. The first issue is slated to release on September 25. Head over to Vault’s website for more info.


  1. This was one I preordered. I’m looking forward to reading it when it gets shipped to me. Glad to hear it’s off to a good start!

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