When life is too much and the world too crazy, it’s time for a smushy slice of life comic like The Dog Diaries. The Webtoons series created by yee seon gives you all the feels as you watch the new love between Dana and her puppy Myeongdong.

We can all relate to how easily a little puppy can brighten your day, especially when you are feeling as low and stressed as Dana is. As a freelance illustrator, her work is taking its toll. Long hours and always worrying about money, Dana needs something to transform her life. That’s when the cute little pup takes her situation by storm. She quickly learns there are ups and downs to being a dog mom, but all that really matters is keeping Myeongdong safe and happy.

If you don’t melt reading this series, I question your humanity. It may be the cutest comic I’ve ever read, and I’m not a sappy person (note all the horror comics I spotlight).

The Dog Diaries updates every Tuesday. Click here to begin.

The Dog Diaries



  1. The best friend man has in this world may one day turn out to be the enemy turning against us. The children we raise with utmost love can be a bunch of ungrateful people. Those closest to us, those closest to us, who entrust our happiness and honor can become traitors, betraying trust and loyalty. Money that people have will eventually lose. It disappears just when we need it most. A person’s reputation can also be destroyed in an instant by one hour of foolish action. Those who prostrate themselves to honor us when we are successful may be the first to throw stones at us when we are down. There is only one friend who never leaves me, never shows ungrateful or troubled, and that is my dog.

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