In Sweet Home, Hyun has issues. He’s disconnected from his family and too connected to his online persona. He’s angry, distant, ungrateful, and really freakin’ nasty to his mother. The night his family is leaving for vacation, Hyun decides not to go, shouting caustic words at them and distracting himself with his cyber world. Little does he know it will be the last time he’ll see them alive.

Written by Youngchan Hwang and illustrated by Carnby Kim, the webcomic centers on Hyun after the tragic accident that kills his family. The reclusive teen is now orphaned and in order to survive, must sell his family’s home so he can live on his own. He moves into an apartment complex and falls deeper into his anger and depression. Just when he thinks things can’t get any worse, he soon finds out his new home is riddled with monsters. Hyun and a few other residents are now reluctant heroes in a battle of survival to save the world from these creatures getting out.

One of the biggest draws about the series is Hyun. He goes from a belligerent teen with a host of issues to a person who, when faced with a massive obstacle, must get over himself for the greater good and for his own survival. Up until the monster problem, he was holding onto a significant amount of guilt and anger. He even contemplated suicide. It isn’t until death is literally staring him down that he realizes what he needs to do and that he really does want to live.

Sweet Home is available to read for free on Webtoons. Click here to begin the horror series.

Sweet Home


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