You aren’t supposed to remember your previous incarnations, but Jieum Ban does in See You In My 19th Life. She can remember each of her past lives, and the memories from every one of them are just as vivid as if they happened yesterday, giving her a unique perspective on life and a chance to find the love she lost when her 18th life was tragically cut short.

Created by Lee Hey, the romance series explores an interesting concept. If you can remember your last life and had the opportunity to find the people you cared about, would you seek them out even if it all seemed a little crazy? There is always a chance that by trying to continue what was started in another lifetime you are somehow messing with nature and the order of things. On the other hand, love is powerful and the comic sets out to prove that it transcends even death when it is real and true.

The story, although dark and tragic in some parts, has a bright message. When you care deeply for someone, death can’t stop your connection, and taking a risk to find that person is worth it. Getting them to believe you is one obstacle as is the fear of losing them again.

The first three episodes of See You In My 19th Life are available to read on Webtoons. The series updates every Thursday.

See You In My 19th Life