When you talk about dynamite collaborations, the team of Alex De Campi, Carla Speed McNeil and Jenn Manley Lee on No Mercy is about as superstar as it gets. A savage yet humane story that starts out  in the “teenagers left on their own create a new society that reveals what people are really like” genre, it’s sliced, fried comics gold. However, DeCampi just made an offer we can’t refuse:

Hey kids, free comic! So the Eisner nominations came out today and yeah, I’m a little salty that No Mercy didn’t get anything. So to assuage my general pettiness, I thought i’d give you for free a copy of No Mercy #9, the standalone issue we’d hoped to get a nod for Best Single Issue with. Downlod it here! Share away! You can buy the rest of the series here, or at your local comics store / bookstore. Or check it out for free from your local library! Also please consider checking out the awesome solo work of my amazing collaborators, @carlaspeedmcneil (line art) and @nonsequential (colour art). As always, big thanks to @imagecomics for letting us publish our weird stories therel.

Warning: this is a story about troubled teen camps / conversion therapy. If you are remotely likely to be triggered by it please DO NOT READ. (And, ::hugs::). 

If you can get past the triggers this is a beautiful comic firmly in the vein of past classics that reveal the heart rending back story of a character, as ably updated by De Campi. And Carla Speed McNeil is one of the great living cartoonists, and her work here, as always, is stellar. And do, you don’t have to have read the rest of No Mercy to get this issue.

But if this issue piques your interest (as it should) you can buy the first two collections  here.

Here’s the first two pages just to get you going.

NoMercy09_review.jpgNoMercy09_review  1.jpg