Imagine waking up on a beach with no memory of who you are and how you got there. Then imagine stumbling around the picturesque location only to discover it is a deserted island. Or is it? Where did that house come from? Salvation or death trap? That is what our protagonist is dealing with in Pigpen.

Written by Carnby Kim (Sweet Home) and with art by Beom Sick Cheon, the thriller series offers plenty of creepy feelings and mystery right from the first episode. The fright of being alone and stranded with no memory is bad enough, especially when your cell phone is useless. And just when you think you have help, the family running the random B&B (seemingly the only structure on the island) is just disturbing enough to make sleeping difficult.

There are moments in the series where you feel utterly creeped out. Each member of the family is their own brand of WTF, and it’s hard to pick which one unsettles you more. As the youngest daughter campaigns for Most Likely to Become a Serial Killer and the scarily quiet brother lurks in the background, the overly pleasant mom scares the crap out of you—with a smile on her face the whole time. The cute older daughter may be the worst—or the best—depending on how you look at it. And the dad? Screw that guy.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much Pigpen freaked me out, and if you are looking for something to disrupt your sleep, this is it. To begin reading, head over to Webtoons.