Reading a web series is fairly common nowadays, right? Comics, fiction, nonfiction–whatever your pleasure–accessing the latest episode on your device while you ride the subway to work makes the commute easier. Who knew it might save your life? Dokja in Omniscient Reader finds out that his hobby is the only way to get through the end of the world.

Based on an original work by sing N song and adapted by UMI, the webcomic features art by Sleepy-C. The main character, Dokja (which means only child or individualist in Korean), is just your typical office worker, commuting on the subway every day to a job he doesn’t really love but pays the bills. His only real motivation is to read his favorite web novel Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse. Little does he know that by reading this tale, he becomes the only person who knows how the world will end and what to do to change the inevitable of the real-life saga.

The art truly comes to life in the panels that depict the world falling apart. The colors become vibrant in the full panels as Dokja looks on at his surroundings getting decimated. The story itself is intriguing. Dokja is by all accounts an average dude living a mundane life who has grown slightly obsessed with a web series. A hobby he’s a little embarrassed about at the start might be what elevates him to his true self. 

Omniscient Reader is available to read for free on Webtoons. Begin here!

Omniscient Reader