Imagine a world where traveling between borders is forbidden unless you go through a rigorous process. Imagine if someone you cared about goes missing and the only way to find them is to complete said process. In Nomads, Lance’s journey begins when his brother disappears and he’s the only one capable of finding him.

Created by Captain Juuter, the fantasy web series sets up a universe where the borders between regions are very rigid. With names like Sea Kingdom, Sun Kingdom, Sand Kingdom, and more, it’s pretty obvious what you’ll face when you travel there. For Lance, it’s all worth it, even if the process to become a Nomad, a special individual allowed to travel between realms, is uncomfortable and difficult.

Along the way Lance encounters other people and creatures, some with powers and some with pasts shrouded in mystery, but how will all of these elements help or hinder his quest to find his missing family member?

The webcomic is pretty. With an eye-catching color palette and clean art style, the world is pleasantly laid out in each panel. As for the story, while there is comedy and lightheartedness mixed in, there is a deeper plot with plenty of layers to peel back.

Nomads updates every Friday on Webtoons. Begin reading here.