If you’re adjacent to the comics industry and on social media at all, you’re no doubt aware of the social media art challenges that take place on a regular basis (especially during the autumn and winter months). These challenges often include a full calendar month’s worth of prompts, encouraging artists to take part and put their own spin on the theme over the course of the month. While many cartoonists take part, one creator has demonstrated outstanding skill when it comes to these challenges: Ron Chan.

This month, Chan is taking part in Swordtember – but by integrating a loose, ongoing narrative, he’s delivering an online comic that’s a cut above!

Swordtember 2021


In Chan’s ongoing Swordtember challenge, readers will follow the story of the Lord of Blades. This enigmatic, masked protagonist has finally obtained the Sword of Shadows, which he naturally immediately combines with the Sword of Light.


It’s important to note that Chan is integrated the daily prompts into this ongoing narrative by including them at the top of each image – for example, the first day was “Shadow,” and the second day was “Light,” themes Chan incorporated into the tale.

As the story continues, the Lord of Blades only incorporates more swords into his inventory… 

Past Challenges 

Perhaps part of Chan’s alacrity with these Swordtember comics stems from his experience taking part in these social media challenges.

But you don’t need to take my word for it: check out the “sketches” section of his website, where you can see past Inktober efforts (including drawings of the cast of Star Trek: TNG, DS9, VOY, and Disco).

The Lord of Blades

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