My favorite stories are the ones that build a world. While I favor fantasy and the supernatural, any complete realm will do. In Medusa and the Blind Priestess, you are transported to a universe filled with magic, mystery, and monsters as well as likable characters on both sides of the fence.

Created by Puré, the story centers on the blind priestess Aria, a gentle seer who tries to do her best for every visitor she receives at her temple. She’s dedicated to her position and is kind and thoughtful, even when the news is less than appealing. One day while lost in the woods, she meets Medusa, a woman with serpents for hair who is usually responsible for turning those who view her to stone. But not Aria. Besides the obvious (Aria can’t actually see her), what else is bonding them?

Besides the thoroughly plotted-out mythology, what drew me to the series is the art. It is pretty and quirky all at the same time. Aria’s big eyes see everything without actually seeing and the expressiveness on each character’s face draws you into their story.

Medusa and the Blind Priestess is available to read on Tapas. Subscribe to view the complete series, and read the first few installments for free here.

Medusa and the Blind Priestess