In Tales of the Hangman by Giske, Wilhelm is walking through the woods when he encounters a party of people with an injured individual.


Wilhelm offers his services in tending to the wound of the injured individual, but no good deed comes without its price, it seems: he is shortly knocked unconscious.

When he awakens, Wilhelm learns that his distinct appearance has led to him being identified as the Hangman of Maidenberg, a nickname he does not exactly relish. His identifier is Charlotte of Hirschau, who promptly accuses him of murdering her cousin. Wilhelm insists that it wasn’t her cousin who he dispatched, but rather, a monster wearing her guise.


Naturally, Charlotte is skeptical of the claim – who wouldn’t be – but shortly thereafter, the party is attacked by an undead wolf, which sort of makes Wilhelm’s story seem a little more believable, doesn’t it?

Shortly after they are attacked by the monstrous creatures, however, they encounter the Keeper of the Forest, a glowing white stag who explains that its purpose is to protect and heal the woods. The Keeper of the Forest explains that it has been engaged in a conflict with a witch, who is responsible for the skeletal creatures that previously attacked them. The Keeper tells them that these creatures are the shadows of his once-loyal subjects.


The Keeper charges Wilhelm and the rest of the party to hunt down the witch and force her out of the forest, but will they be successful in their quest?


Tales of the Hangman features gorgeous, detailed art and a spooky fantasy atmosphere that will appeal to readers who are a fan of dark fairy tales. You can follow Giske on Twitter to keep with the latest updates, and you can directly support Tales of the Hangman through Giske’s Ko-Fi account.