Circuses are kinda always a strange experience. There is something mysterious and even creepy about the whole thing, at least for me. In Marionetta, the circus is definitely hiding a few secrets. 

Created by Miriam Bonastre Turthe new Webtoons fantasy series centers on Julia, who didn’t want to visit the mysterious circus in town but still follows her friend Kamille into the Big Top. Julia is miserable the entire time, but Kamille is enthralled, especially after following a mysterious duo into a tent hiding secrets the patrons shouldn’t see. 

Before long Julia realizes that Kamille is missing, and she has no choice but to find the traveling circus and save her friend. What Julia finds and what she and her bestie get into are definitely more than they bargained for. 

As expected, there are secrets, mysteries, magic, and even some unsettling experiences underneath the colorful show and behind the masks of the circus’ enigmatic cast. Julia unfortunately will have to make a few deals along the way to ensure she and Kamille survive the experience.

Marionetta updates every Wednesday and only has a few episodes up at the time of this writing, making it easy to jump into the series. Begin reading here.