Imagine waking up and not remembering who you are or anything about your life. Now imagine discovering that the world has ended. In Homesick Rayne is dealing with losing memories of a world that no longer exists while trying to see if her new companion—and apparently the only other living soul—is good or evil.

Created by Ms. Freaky on Webtoons, the thriller web series focuses on young Rayne, who wakes up on a roof with a knife in her hands. She doesn’t know how she got there or what her plans were beforehand, but the world is gone. She soon encounters Samael, who tells her the apocalypse has occurred and that cannibalistic monsters are roaming the planet. Oh and don’t make eye contact with the beasts because you’re as good as dead if you do. With only him to rely on, Rayne decides to leave with him, even though there is something strange about him that she can’t quite figure out. But with no one else alive, relying on strangers may be the key to survival.

Homesick updates every Tuesday and currently only has 14 episodes available for free. Begin catching up before the new installment drops here.

Trigger warning: there are references to suicide as well as some horror and gore.