You may have noticed an interesting Korean series on your Netflix queue lately by the name of Hellbound. Before you watch the first episode, head to Webtoons and read the hit thriller webcomic on which it is based. 

Created by director/screenwriter Yeon Sang-Ho (Train to Busan) and with art by cartoonist Choi Gyu-Seok, the series centers on a strange, frightening phenomenon occurring in Seoul, Korea where people are receiving messages of their impending deaths. Whether it is two hours or two days from their notification, terrifying apparitions appear on schedule to claim their souls in an incredibly unpleasant manner and take them straight to Hell. Investigating the deaths is Detective Jin (and just in time for his wife’s murderer’s impending release from prison). To add more complexity to the case, a cultish religious group with an enigmatic yet charismatic leader has now begun lecturing the masses that these occurrences are the work of God, ensuring evil people get what they deserve. 

Hellbound has an intriguing story told in short black and white installments that update every Tuesday. The series also has a trade paperback edition available from Dark Horse. The English translation is from Danny Lim.

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