In High Spirits Neoma, Neoma fully embraces her extraordinary abilities, even if the people around her think she is weird. But when there is a pretty active spirit issue in town, who do they seek for help?

Read the synopsis below:

Upbeat and kind, Neoma Cruz uses her abilities to help humans and spirits alike. But when her family moves to a new town to investigate a rise in cursed spirits, she discovers a family secret that refuses to stay dead. With the help of her new friend, Mateo, Neoma must face the ghost of her family’s past that has come back to haunt them—all while harboring a secret of her own.

Created by Oroo0, the Webtoon series offered a quirky, likable protagonist who is confident in who she is. Her purpose in life outweighs the drama of high school, and the strong family lineage is a force behind her. But even the most self-assured, tight-knit bond can have cracks, and the story sets up a pretty interesting mystery. The supporting cast also seems to have secrets of their own and it will be interesting to see what is revealed in future episodes of the web series. 

The art mirrors the tones of the narrative. There are dark and creepy panels set against some light and very pink panels to show how Neoma uses her powers to help tortured spirits move on. 

High Spirits Neoma updates every Tuesday. Begin reading here.

High Spirits Neoma