In Madeline McGrane’s Vampire Horse comics, readers are introduced to a character who has all the powers of both a horse and a vampire.

In the first story, Vampire Horse, the eponymous horse is enjoying a life of sucking the blood of cattle and lonesome plain wandering when a chance encounter with a Vampire Cowboy creates a new path to follow, as the pair join together and become Vampire Ranchers. 


Vampire Horse
Truth hurts!

But that isn’t the end of the Vampire Horse’s tale! In Vampire Horse and the Werewolf Bandits, the vampiric heroes must track down their stolen cattle. While the pair eventually discover the culprits, the confrontation leads to Vampire Horse’s greatest, gunslingin’-est challenge yet!

Vampire Horse vs Werewolf
How do you even pull a trigger when you don’t have fingers?

However, the adventures haven’t concluded yet, as Vampire Horse & the Monstrous Prospector sees a mysterious figure from Vampire Cowboy’s past returning to cause all kinds of new trouble!

Vampire Horse & the Monstrous Prospector

Each one of the comics tells a satisfying story of spooky adventures in the Old West. The black and white artwork is crisp and clear, the characters are adorable, and the comedic timing and dialogue will have you laughing so hard you might fall off your horse.

Probably tasty enough, if you’re in the mood.

Finished all three comics and still get enough of Madeline’s work? Her website also has several comics about the Vampire Children, a trio of diminutive unholy creatures of the night. These spooky friends will be starring in an upcoming pair of middle-grade graphic novels, the first of which, The Accursed Vampire, is slated for release from HarperCollins in 2021.

The Vampire Children
Who’s an adorable little blood-sucker??

You can also find one of Madeline’s comics in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #26, A.K.A. the zine issue.

Be sure to follow Madeline on twitter and instagram and support her comics directly by making a purchase on gumroad.

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