In Fake Gamer Girl Comics, cartoonist Ash Barker explores the joys, absurdities, and sometimes, the frustrations that accompany the experience of being a trans woman and nonbinary person.

Fake Gamer Girl Comics

But in addition to biographical comics that chart the real-life experiences they face, plenty of entries wander into more outlandish territory. Some, like the ongoing adventures of superhero Hope Star or the saga of the demon roommate known as The Hand of Chaos, offer genre-style adventures starring original queer characters.

Hope Star of Fake Gamer Girl Comics says Abolish Prisons

In other instances, Fake Gamer Girl Comics strips will feature famous video game characters or other pop culture figures, but often in situations that involve a glimpse into the queer experience. Nintendo characters are especially well represented in this respect, and many entries of the comic concern the Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, and other popular Nintendo franchises filtered through the comic’s unique perspective.

Sonic Ice Cream in Fake Gamer Girl Comics

Fake Gamer Girl Comics also includes entries that examine some of the more specific details of the day-to-day trans experience, whether positive or negative (or just a little of both). For trans and nonbinary people who may not have had the chance to see their personal experience reflected in media before, these details can prove to be exceptionally meaningful. Other entries emphasize important points about self-acceptance or basic facts like “all bodies are cute as heck!”

Hope Star of Fake Gamer Girl Comics

The art is extremely charming, and color is used sparingly and to great effect. While earlier strips were nearly monochromatic (invoking memories of the original Game Boy screen), more recent entries have utilized a limited palette of color that makes for a unique and stylish aesthetic.

Zelda's bangs in Fake Gamer Girl Comics

You can follow Ash on twitter to see more of their art and keep up with FGGC, which updates several times per week. Plus, be sure to head to the Fake Gamer Girl Comics Patreon and/or the Ko-Fi page to directly support Ash and their ongoing work!

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