In Girls Don’t Like Dinosaurs by Natasha Alterici, the dubious hypothesis inherent in the title is tested! A PDF of this 2018 mini-comic is available for free download thorough Alterici’s Gumroad.

Girls Don’t Like Dinosaurs

According to a note on Alterici’s Gumroad, this was the first comic she made (although you have more than likely become familiar with her work through books like Heathen in the intervening years).

The story seems to be set in 1993 or 1994, when Jurassic Park tie-in merchandise included a line of Kenner toys that featured “Removable Dino Damage™ Wounds” – pieces of the toy dinosaur that pulled away to reveal gory injuries (no wonder these things went extinct, they’re just falling apart). 


In Girls Don’t Like Dinosaurs, the protagonist has found her neighbor playing with two of the toys, but when she attempts to join him, he asserts that girls aren’t interested in dinosaurs (in spite of the obvious evidence to the contrary).

Without any toys of her own to play with, the protagonist is left without any options, given that dinosaurs no longer roam the earth…

…or do they?

Plenty more to explore

In addition to Girls Don’t Like Dinosaurs, Alterici’s Gumroad also includes several other comics, including a preorder for Oksana! Dressed to Kill: a Killing Eve Fashion Paper Doll Zine, a paper zine that will ship in July.

You can directly support Alterici’s work through her Patreon page. Those who support her with $10 or more per month will unlock totally rad perks, like the power to vote on the subject of her next painting, plus a monthly gift in the mail (like a small signed print or sketch postcard).

You can see more of her impressive dinosaur art on her webpage!

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