In Blackout City by Jaye Fabel, over-enthusiastic police secretary Coda Prosy gets embroiled in the mystery of the disappearance of Officer Mykita Merrigo. However, as he contends with poorly constructed robots and the skepticism of his superior officers, he’s soon finds that he’s in way over his head.

Blackout City

Just how over-enthusiastic is Coda? Several of his superior officers maintain that the secretary must live in the police station. However, Coda becomes somewhat disillusioned when the officers don’t commit to solving a certain missing persons case.

The story becomes more complicated when Coda is forced to enlist the assistance of Liren Oh, whose recklessness is better suited to the virtual world than to reality. Although Coda may dream of a world where comic-style superheroes keep the peace, will reality measure up to his expectations?

Each of the characters gets their own stats rundown on the Blackout City cast page.

For more on the characters, check out the Blackout City cast page.

There is plenty of scenery to take in in Blackout City.

The setting shifts between digital dreams and a rundown reality, and as such, there is plenty of opportunity for visual variety.

So far, there are a full 25 chapters that have been released, so you have plenty of space to get lost in Blackout City. Plus, in addition to reading the comic on Tapas, you can also check it out on the comic’s website, which features a nicely arranged archive of each of the chapters that has been released so far (which are arranged into “levels”).

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