Kubert is a known name in the comic world, and for Emma Kubert, there is a legacy attached to being a creator in this industry. In Tapas’ Brush Stroke, the artist shares a semi-autobiographical slice of life tale about a young art student figuring it all out when her life is turned on its ear. 

Read the synopsis from the series page:

“A semi-autobiographical tale about 21-year-old art college student, May Collins, who finds her life turned upside down when her father falls into debt and her dream of becoming a renowned painter falls along with it. Her last resort to save her dream is to move across the country to live with her estranged mother and work as a part-time employee at BRUSH STROKE, her mother’s boutique art supply store. May is a passive introvert who must confront her ambitions, mental health, romantic entanglements, and strained family ties while navigating her budding career as a prestigious fine artist.”

Kubert is an exceptional storyteller in her own right. Her characters are full and interesting, and her style is all her own. May, her mother, and her new, unexpected family in New York are all expressive and distinct. The flow of the series is easy and you are quickly engaged in May’s perspective as she encounters obstacles and surprises, both exciting and overwhelming. 

Brush Stroke updates every Wednesday on the webcomic platform. There are free episodes to unlock every day (excludes the latest episode). Begin reading here!

Brush Stroke