A new webcomic from Tapas Media and Endeavor Content, DRAC: Son of Dante, will afford a “bold new take on vampires and immortals.” Created by Saladin Ahmed, Travon Free, and Shaka King, the fifteen-part series is written by Ahmed and features the talents of a team of writers and artists led by Ray-Anthony Height (Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur). Executive produced by Eric Pertilla, Ahmed, King, Free, and Layne Eskridge, DRAC: Song of Dante will feature a score by Quelle Chris.

DRAC: Son of Dante

Here’s the description of DRAC: Son of Dante from the official press release:

DRAC: Son of Dante commences a new and contemporary mythology around the origins of the iconic goth villain that will resonate with multicultural and youth audiences alike. The narrative follows Dante, an eerie flute-playing immortal who finds himself drawn to the human condition against the natural order and better judgment of his species. Dante follows this obsession no matter how much trouble it gets him into — but a conflict for the ages erupts when his monstrous son Drac chooses a human bride.” 

And the full credits for the series:

Creators: Ahmed, Free and King
Executive Producers: Pertilla, Ahmed, King, Free, Eskridge
Writers: Ahmed, Son M., Rob Markman, Deron Bennett
Artists: Height with Don Ho & Craig Yeung, Sam Curtis, Marc Yarza, Butch Mapa, JJ Lopez, Federico Dalloccio, Paulo Sampaio, and Marissa Louise
Letterer: Campbell
Logo: Manny Mederos
Soundtrack by Quelle Chris
Edited by Kathleen Wisneski & Chris Robinson

And of course, Dracula was written by Bram Stoker. But you knew that one, right?

Spine-Tingling Soundtracks

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Ahmed has worked on a sequential narrative project that features a musical soundtrack. In October 2021, the Marvel Unlimited Infinity Comic The Spine-Tingling Spider-Man was launched. Written by Ahmed with art by Juan Ferreyra and letters by Joe Sabino, that story follows Peter Parker as an enigmatic and sinister song plagues his dreams. Alongside the release of that series, an audio version of that same song was released.

The first two episodes of DRAC: Son of Dante are available to read for free right now on the Tapas app or website, with the remaining thirteen episodes to be released each Friday. Have you had a chance to check out the series yet? Did you listen to the accompanying MP3 for each episode?

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