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Satan is in his first year at Demon High, but he is just too pretty for the rest of the student body. With his crystal blue eyes and shampoo-commercial white hair, the young demon must overcome assumptions about his appearance to become a true demon. Or is there more to Satan than we realize in Demons Can’t Be Pretty?

The long running comedy series is written and drawn by Coolchic, with translation help from Jino Choi. Each manga-inspired color episode is fast-paced and fun. Characters are distinct, with their own demonic powers and qualities, and their interaction with each other elicits a reaction that ranges from a small chuckle to laugh-out-loud silliness.

As for Satan himself, the struggle to prove he is just as much a demon as the rest of the student body despite his dashing good looks is the center of the action. He is proud of himself when he finishes a case he is assigned, even before he is sure it is actually resolved the way Hell wants it to be.

Another interesting aspect of the series is the concept of Heaven and Hell. Both regions work for God and have meetings, especially when they are looking to expand their real estate to accommodate new souls (and employees). While the concept that these two areas are not really at odds but are instead part of a greater structure is not new, the interaction between the sides right in the first issue is refreshing and the perfect setup for the lighthearted, comedic point of view of the comic.

I usually do not favor this particular style of comic, but I found myself pleasantly surprised at how fun a read it turned out to be. Check out Demons Can’t Be Pretty on Tapas if you enjoy Japanese-esque pacing and art, or you simply need a humorous break from whatever else you are reading.

Demons Can't Be Pretty



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