“Love is weird. That’s one of the most important things I’ve learned. The other thing is: soulmate marks can be even more weird, and I can see them all.” So begins Cupido, a queer webcomic by Skatuya, which takes place in a world where soulmates bear matching marks that are invisible — except to protagonist Alec. Even though he’s never been in love, he takes it upon himself to play matchmaker whenever he spies matching marks.

That’s how he meets Victor, whose sister marries her soulmate they meet through Alec’s meddling; Alec and Victor become friends at her wedding, where Victor offers Alec a specially made blend of tea, and their relationship begins to blossom. Although Victor can’t see the marks, he helps Alec with his matchmaking endeavors, and the two form a close friendship that eventually becomes romantic.

Here’s the full synopsis:

Alec has the ability to see the marks that connect soulmates. With the help of a friend he sets out to help people meet the love of their life — while still learning about the various faces of love, relationships and people. All while trying to make sense of his own feelings.

Like any good soulmate ‘verse, there are people who don’t have marks at all, and Alec is among them. It’s not clear why he can see the marks, or where his strange power comes from; but he knows that he doesn’t have a mark, and as his feelings for Victor grow he begins to wonder — hope? — that Victor doesn’t have one either.

Cupido is unique in that seemingly no one other than Alec can see the marks. In most stories that follow this formula, people can at least see their own marks and the marks of their soulmates — that’s how they figure out they’re meant to be. Having them be invisible makes the world of Cupido feel that much more real. Do we all bear invisible marks that attract our people to us?

I dove into Cupido looking for a warm, slow-burn, slice-of-life romance, and although the comic has been on hiatus for about a year, it delivers in spades. Creator Skatuya currently plans to bring the comic back in January 2020, which means now is the perfect time to cozy up with a cup of tea, catch up on the first two chapters, and fall in love with Alec and Victor.

Cupido is available at cupidocomic.com, as well as on Tapas. You can also support Skatuya on Patreon or follow along on Twitter @skatuyart. Visit skatuyacomics.com for more.