The world is overtaken by Blanks, ghostly entities that will literally take your face if you aren’t protected by a mask. If you cover your face, you will be okay. They will pass through you. But if you don’t…well…prepare to get your identity sucked right off. That is the world of City of Blank by 66.

The science fiction web series centers on Rex, a young guy on a mission to find out who killed his brother. He is heading to Glory City, a hub for the dangerous Blanks, but a place that may hold the answers to Rex’s many questions. As he digs deeper, he uncovers much darker secrets in not only the city’s center but also about his own past.

Rex is a little different, and walking through Glory City, he has to be careful. Unlike most people, Rex can actually touch Blanks. Instead of phasing through him like a ghost, the faceless creepers bump into him, which means Rex can actually knock a few out if he needs to. Is he a Blank Hunter then?

Currently, City of Blank has three episodes on Webtoons and is scheduled to update every Thursday. Click here to begin reading the free web series today.

City of Blank