There’s a lot of crap in this world, and while I’m a huge fan of horror and true crime, sometimes you need fuzzy adorable animals as a palate cleanser. Cat’s Café is the perfect solution, offering heartwarming installments of animals enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and just being cute.

Created by Matt Tarpley, the wholesome webcomic stars Cat, Rabbit, Penguin, and more as they go about their day. Just like the rest of us caffeine addicts, these animals need to start their morning with a warm cup of Joe (in one episode, Cat’s customer keeps asking for a bigger and bigger cup until he’s bathing in it, and I can relate.)

The art is just as cute and colorful as the cast of furry characters. Each installment is simple and designed to cheer you up. There’s no drama, no gore, no politics. Just simple ‘toons doing mundane things and being cute about it.

To begin reading Cat’s Café, click here. The series updates every few days, ensuring you have something light and sweet to give your brain a break throughout the day.

Cat’s Café