So far 2021 hasn’t been the dream year we all were hoping for after the mess of 2020. But it’s only January, and we kinda knew January would be tumultuous. There’s still time for the New Year to recover. In the meantime, turn your brain off from the disaster around you and read a simple tale of a panda, black bear, and polar bear. The Life of the Three Bears will pleasantly distract you from real life just long enough for you not to completely lose it.

Created by Mr. D., the web series follows the daily life of three bears, which includes not only their interaction with each other but also a penguin and some humans. It’s random and a little weird, and I’ll be honest, there are episodes I don’t completely understand. But it’s okay because the art is cute, the dialogue is minimal, and it’s charming in a wacky way.

The slice of life comic consists of 51 short installments. All three bears don’t always appear in every entry, but you will find yourself absorbed in each one’s strange little narrative. And what is up with the millionaire penguin?

To begin reading The Life of the Three Bears, head over to Webtoons.

The Life of the Three Bears