In Archie Comics: Big Ethel Energy on Webtoon, written by Keryl Brown Ahmed, with inks by Siobhan, storyboards by Maria Li, coloring by Cathy Le, and lettering by Kielamel Sibal, Riverdale’s biggest joke has left small-town life behind to pursue a career in journalism in New York City! 

But when the Mayor of Riverdale offers her a professional opportunity she just can’t turn down, she’ll be forced to return to the town and face her past. Will she still be considered a loser, or will she discover that she has changed in the years since she moved away?

Big Ethel Energy

If you’ve read any amount of Archie Comics, you can probably picture Ethel Muggs: the awkward, Jughead-obsessed Riverdale High student is often made the brunt of the joke due to her misplaced affections.

Ethel doesn’t deserve being the punchline on the cover of Jughead’s Brand New Jokes #8 from November 1968.

But in Big Ethel Energy, we open on a brand-new Ethel. She’s moved to the big city and has even achieved some success as a journalist, having even gotten the opportunity to interview Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Riverdale is a distant memory, one that she’d rather not consider, thank you very much.

You’re just a bad memory.

But while she made be proud of the work she’s doing, it isn’t earning her any financial security… and, coupled with an eviction notice, Ethel soon finds herself in dire straights. When an offer to write a book on Riverdale arrives from the Mayor Glibb, coupled with a heartfelt letter from her favorite teacher, Ms. Grundy, emphasizing that Grundy’s days are numbered, Ethel finds herself returning to a little town called Riverdale.

With an engaging story that draws on Archie Comics continuity while providing a new perspective on a character who has all-too-often been used as a punchline – not to mention stylish and dynamic art depicting older versions of your Riverdale favorites – this Webtoon series is a must-read for Archie Comics fans!

Just one Archie webcomic option!

While Big Ethel Energy emphasizes the drama and romantic entanglement angles of Riverdale, there’s another option if you’d prefer to dig into the silly comedy element of Archie Comics: Bite Sized Archie.

Have you had a chance to check out these two Archie webcomics? What do you think of them?

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