As the stay-at-home orders to battle the COVID-19 pandemic continue indefinitely and the state of the comic industry is yet to be determined, readers need more things to occupy their time in quarantine. Don’t worry. AWA Studios has you covered. The publisher has been releasing their main titles in an easy-to-read digital format for free on their website, and now you can dive into the unsettling world of Hotell while you are stuck inside.

Written by John Lees and illustrated by Dalibor Talajić, the horror book features colors by Lee Loughridge and letters by Sal Cipriano as well as a cover by Kaare Andrews.

The comic is crafted in the same anthology style as The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, or Creepshow, with each installment a vignette about an unfortunate guest at The Pierrot Courts Hotel. The first issue focuses on a pregnant woman desperate to get away from her past, but the mysterious roadside rest stop is probably not what the poor lady is looking for.

Just like any good horror tale, you have a mixture of sympathetic and freaky characters to set the tone. There are also plenty of disturbing images and an overarching mystery that makes you curious about what the hell is actually happening in this place.

Right now, AWA has the first episode of Hotell available as well as a teaser episode of future installments. Begin reading on their website, and while you are there get your comic fix with some of their other free titles. The company has also made the comic available on other free platforms like Webtoons.