Raise your hand if you’re over COVID-19 and everything that came with it. Yeah, same. The pandemic definitely wreaked havoc on the world and changed it in many ways. In After Lockdown, a Korean student studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia has to pause and even alter her education plans thanks to the coronavirus lockdowns. 

Created by Leon Leung (leonleungjeehei), the free series on Webtoons centers on Eun-jin who arrives in Melbourne just before the onset of the global pandemic. The world shuts down and she has to go from in-person to virtual classes, while also finding ways to entertain herself while trapped inside with limited human contact. 

Leung writes the series, which features line art and flat colors by Teapjam, and colors and effects by Karen W, Mish X, and Rita W. The series is geared toward international students who can relate to the ups and downs of the pandemic. The series is also supported in part by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

Even though it centers on students, we all can feel this one. Learning Zoom, figuring out how to keep busy when you can’t leave your house, and then feeling a little uncertain and apprehensive when restrictions were lifted. I know I still have a strange reaction to crowded places that I would never have given a second thought to before 2020. 

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After Lockdown