Sometimes you just need a super cute, easy read to get you through the day, and The Playpen delivers on all fronts. Described as a comic centered on “the silly everyday lives of a group of kids, their families, and their friends,” the sweet web series follows adorable preschoolers navigating the big world around them from their tiny perspectives.

Created by Silly Innocence, the slice-of-life comic on Webtoons offers quick episodes filled with the wide-eyed wonder of childhood, cute moments between the kids, their interactions with the adults in their lives, and more. It opens with two small ones preparing for their first day of preschool and shows their excitement, fear, and confusion about the whole thing.

The webcomic is also featured on the digital comic website’s celebration of Black History Month, where Webtoons is spotlighting black creators of 20 of their Canvas series.  

Updates for The Playpen have been on hiatus since December 2021, but there are more than 100 episodes to read. Begin here!