Things have kinda piled up in the old link bin, so we’re just shoveling them out:

§ A brief report on how the Brooklyn Library handles the racially insensitive material in Tintin in the Congo — they keep the book off the shelf and available by appointment only.

0009Sztq § For your Marvel history buffs, Scott Edelman unearths The Unseen Scarecrow of Don Perlin.

§ Webcomics 101: someone sent us this link to Worlds of SF’s lists of The
webcomics you should be reading
, whch, if you are scared to dip in a toe, should provide a nice jetty from which to embark.

§ JM Ringuet writes to tell us that his new comic is available for free on iTunes

[T]he first chapter of my graphic novel ‘Stolen Suns’ is available for free on iTunes. It’s a bit an experiment for me because I’m trying to test the market on Iphone and Ipod Touch. …I’ve designed and formatted this comic especially for cellphones and I tried to use the new medium in creative way.

The comic is downloadable (for iPhone users) here. We don’t necessarily endorse this comics — we haven’t had a chance to download it — but pass this along as as example of even the smaller publishers getting in on being distributed via iTunes.

§ Speaking of iTunes, David Pepose of Blog@ reports on the problems you can have with getting past Apple’s quality assurance team, as when Kyle Hurlbut put FALLEN JUSTICE on iPhone:

So imagine his surprise when he got an e-mail from Apple saying that the second issue could not run with the 9+ rating, due to two panels with some sexually charged content — in this case, the character Dyna-girl laying in bed with protagonist Justice Theta, clearly topless.

“I felt this rush of guilt like our mom had caught you,” Hurlbut said. “And then they included a zip file with those two panels and I opened it up and said I guess, okay, I didn’t even think about it.”

§ Apparently, there is a display of the art of Sergio Aragonés at the Ojai Valley Museum? Sweet!

§ Yesterday, we told you about the planned motion capture/CGI remake of YELLOW SUBMARINE, the decade-dependent cartoon about the Beatles adventures in a hoppy wonderland. Cartoon Brew has a couple of posts on why this idea stinks on ice, including one bluntly entitled Zemeckis to ruin Yellow Submarine (Comments are MUST READ), and a follow-up looking at how YELLOW SUBMARINE has already been adapted to a 3D environment for part of an amusement park ride.

People sent us these links somewhere along the way — thanks to our helpers!

§ A podcast with John Morrow of TwoMorrows

§ The development of a comics artist, via the early artwork of Michel Fiffe