§ Chris Butcher is doing some serious Christmas blogging, starting with a look at POD. Most of the post is taken up with the technical objections to POD and a look at how some projects — notably Dave Sim’s recent works — will be available mostly as print-on-demand when the initial printings sell out. The whole post is worth reading, so just go read the whole thing.

§ Kiel Phegley talks to Dan DiDio about DC’s ongoing co-feature program. Basically, books priced at $3.99 will continue to feature a back-up strip, $2.99 books won’t. Also, the backup lineup will be shifting:

Green Arrow,” “Booster Gold” and “Doom Patrol” will all lose their co-features moving forward and will return to a $2.99 price point.

“Action Comics,” “Adventure Comics” and “Batman: Streets of Gotham” will swap out their currently running co-features for serials starring different heroes from the DC Universe.

Moving forward, “Teen Titans,” “Justice League of America” and “JSA All-Stars” will include co-features where, rather than focusing on one character over a long story, readers will see different cast members related to the main team embark on their own, limited run adventures. On occasion, a co-feature will be dropped for a month if the main story needs to expand out to 30-pages.

Much more in link.

§ Rich Johnston updates the Dynamite/Dabel Bros. story with more information on what kind of back payments will be made.

§ A nice story on the AYA series (published in English by D&Q) which presents a more rounded look at life in one African country than most people are used to seeing:

“With ‘Aya’ the aim is that after four pages you no longer think you’re in Africa but in a story which could be anywhere in the world,” says 38-year-old Abouet, who lives in Paris but often returns to the Ivory Coast.

With more than 300,000 copies sold, translations into 12 languages including English, an array of prizes and a film on the way, the adventures of young Aya and her friends and family have been a hit.

§ If you’re waiting on pins and needles for SCOTT PILGRIM movie news, you will enjoy director Edgar Wright’s BBC DJ stint which includes fine tunes and some hints about the soundtrack:

During which we learnt that tracks on the soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim Vs the World includes Frank Black’s I Hear Ramona Sing, Dan “The Automator” Nakamura’s The Truth, as well as tracks by Beck and Cornelius (who will be battling it out in the movie.)

§ Geek Dad’s list of comics that children would read.


  1. Big whoop on that DC co-feature thing. So an extra dollar brings you what-? Six additional pages of story?.

    Why can’t all the monthies be like those $5.99 80 page giants??

    I’d hop on that like a heartbeat.