Supergirl colors

In a pretty nice piece of marketing, CBS is aiming squarely at the young women demographic for the upcoming Supergirl, and to highlight that they invited 400 mother and daughters to view a sneak preview of the first episode.

In doing so, they also got a nice surprise, which you’ll see in the short video below…

Given the tendency of superheroics in mass media to aim for the testosterone, it’s nice to see a network to cater to a wholly different demographic for this series. It should give us a whole new reason to root for its success. Everybody needs heroes to look to up to after all.

Supergirl premieres Monday, October 26th (8:30-9:30 PM, ET/PT) on CBS.


  1. “The Video is not authorized in your location” (Europe). Could you briefly comment on the content of the video ?

  2. Well, the audience does give Supergirl a standing ovation. Usually a good sign that they were “wowed.” :)

    I showed my daughter (6 years old, going on 7) the preview trailer, and she’s excited. I think CBS might have something here.

  3. Nimmy –

    Basically it’s a video of CBS filing in a large audience of women (mothers and daughters) to watch the pilot. Then after a big standing O for the screening, then they bring out Melissa Benoist (the star of the series) to come greet the crowd. Then there’s a big group shot where they all scream “Supergirl!”. It’s cute.

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