Hc07-Report Box Nl
[Art above “The Spartan” by Craig Hamilton, in a painting that was auctioned off at Heroes Con for $1700.]
Heroes Con:
Tania del Rio
Johanna Draper Calrson
• Ben Towle, Day One, Day Two, Day Three who wraps it up nicely:

As for the convention itself, folks in the small press “Indie Island” area seemed to agree that there was a marked improvement in activity, interest and sales Saturday afternoon. I’ve been keeping a list of stuff I’ve sold and if I have time, once things have wrapped up, I’ll maybe post a comparison with last year’s show and/or last year’s SPX–assuming I’ve got that info still around. More important than sales, though, was the general vibe that Saturday afternoon brought some people interested in the small press/indie stuff that was available. This year didn’t feature as many “power hitter” indie people like last year’s Los Bros Hernandez, Pete Bagge, etc. lineup, so the level of attendee interest in this area was a bit of an unknown. While I don’t get the vibe that people were moving tons of books, I was encouraged by the presence of a number of people I met who had come specifically to seek out some Indie Island folks and to hit the Top Shelf and Adhouse booths.

Wizard World Philly:
Wizard’s story list
• Newsarama’s story list
Marvel’s story list
Mike Manley’s final take on Philly. the consensus is that it was a better year than last year, but still not as gangbusters as many once hoped it would be.