The entirety of the ROBOT CHICKEN all-STAR WARS episode is up at Super Deluxe, and it has a few funny bits…but is it just us, but has every version of humor based on the actual original trilogy been strip mined? And no we’re SKIPPING the Family Guy version.


  1. Well, your loss for skipping the upcoming FAMILY GUY episode. Although the show has misfires from time to time, it generally does well with film and television satire. Perhaps if you weren’t already pre-judging the episode before it even airs, you might actually find a fresh take or two on the original trilogy.

  2. I thought the Robot Chicken episode was filled with plenty of original humor, with a grounding in Star Wars. The only sketch I thought had been done to death already was the one George Lucas was in.

  3. The W bit was actually old, as was the one where Vader was telling Luke about the Ewoks and everything and the one where the Emperor is talking to Vader on the phone.

    The only part I didn’t care for was the ice capades one, I liked everything else. Odd that the new trilogy was so under represented though. There isn’t anything that could have been looked at?