Jim Hill the insider’s Disney blog has some suggestions for those who were confused by the plot in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END. One is this book, The Pirates Guidelines, supposedly penned by first mate Joshamee Gibbs, which includes all kinds of info on the movie and its world, and even helps you understand the plot and where everything came from.


Hill also mentions Pirates of the Caribbean : From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies an inside look at the ride and more. That’s some tasty concept art from the revamped ride above; looking at it reminds us how much care and talent goes into making things at Disney (believe it or not), and that’s part of the reason we judged the two movies so harshly. We know what it could have been. Oh well, you’ve got to sail on. Maybe before it all ends we’ll go back to the Pirates ride at Disneyland, our favorite place on earth and remember that dead men tell no tales…


  1. I picked up the Pirates’ Guidelines the other day based on that JHM article. It’s a fun little read. One warning: If you try & buy it at Borders, they might have it under the title Pirate Talk in the Kids section. Took me forever to find it.

  2. Marion and I recently went on the Pirates ride at Disney World. The additions of the Davy Jones “hologram” and the Jack Sparrow animatronics are fine enough, but it’s the new dialog that all the other pirates have that’s distracting. After you hear the “Dead men tell no tales” bit at the beginning, the Davy Jones-agram goes on to say something along the lines of “But sometimes they do!” and then EVERY. SINGLE. PIRATE. in the ride mentions Jack Sparrow. Be it the pirate on the ship attacking the fort saying “bring me Jack Sparrow” or the drunkard talking to the farm animals saying “Let me tell you a tale of Jack Sparrow” or the bride auction pirate saying “These here wenches be good enough for Jack Sparrow”, by the end of it you really don’t mind seeing Jack Sparrow the 3 or 4 times he pops up, but it’s that no one would shut up about him that’s annoying!

  3. The new Jack Sparrow robots on the ride were eerily realistic. The Davy Jones hologram at the beginning is cool.

  4. hey , i am so tired of people thinking that pirates are bloody scallywags . there are just like normal people except for they sail the high seas and get drunk very easily , but that doesn’t matter . i right my own storys about pirates and how they aren’t so diff . from people thay really are magnifficent and are really neat to learn about .
    love , ashli